OK, so you need to have Hewns mining for you…

What do they mine? And…

          How do you win the game?

The stuff ( called Substract) that you mine can be used for all of the following things:

a. Victory points to win the game!

b. As a currency to buy
Hewns, technologies and
scouting advantages!

c. As ammunition for the
 used by the Hewns

d. To create both brain screens or body screens.

e. To move Hewns an extra space during movement!

The fact that ALL of The amazing alien miniatures (Hewns), could be bought and used by


of the player factions! In other words, all aliens are available for to you to buy!

Players can use their Hewns not only to mine, but also to attack other Hewns, and some special Hewns can perform:

“brain repairs”

on enemy Hewns, bringing those enemy Hewns onto your team!