To all the people around the world who have waited so patiently for Hewns to arrive, we have good news for you! On the 1st of October 2019, Hewns will launch on Kickstarter! We know it’s been a long process, (we did want to launch in September 2017 but decided to hold back due to quality issues we experienced with the miniatures) but we have modified/ fixed /enhanced a lot since then: including artwork, enhancements to some minis, cleaned up rules, and made the game faster, tougher and much more interesting! (We’ve also built a lot of stretch goal content – some of which you might have seen on Facebook or the Hewns website…because we’re optimistic!)

So what comes next? 

Firstly, if you’re not on our email list, join it! As previously mentioned to many of you, anyone pledging for one of our Kickstarter pledge levels who is alsoa subscriber to our emailing list will get a free miniature(and card) which will only be available this way!
Secondly, the beta rulebook will be released within the next month, and we will be rewardingpeople who help us find any issues, suggest FAQS, and give us any good suggestions about improvements we can make! 
Thirdly, please let any friends you play games with know about the campaign, because that should really help us to have a successful Kickstarter and launch a number of awesome stretch goals!
Thanks, and as many of the Hewns would say: “Scrooooon!” ( You have to screech it out!”

Michael Mitchell

Hewns designer