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The Hewns Planet

In the game, miniature biological robots (called hewns)mine and fight for their lives on the hostile planet called LAYODIKEYA

   Players will buy Hewns to do things for them and move them from space to space

   Hewns is played on a modular board

        …. so the board looks different every time you play

Hewns Mining!

OK, so you need to have Hewns mining for you…

 What do they mine? And…

        How do you win the game?

The stuff ( called Substract) that you mine can be used for all of the following things:

     a. Victory points to win the game!

     b. As a currency to buy
          Hewns, technologies and
          scouting advantages!

     c. As ammunition for the
 used by the Hewns

     d. To create both brain screens or body screens.

     e. To move Hewns an extra space during                                    movement!

The fact that ALL of The amazing alien miniatures (Hewns), could be bought and used by


of the player factions! In other words, all aliens are available for to you to buy!

Players cause their Hewns not only to mine, but also to attack other Hewns, and some special Hewns can perform:

“brain repairs”

on enemy Hewns, bringing those enemy Hewns onto your team!

Where do you get these “Hewns”?

 So where do Players get those aliens (called Hewns) to mine the planet Layodikeya for them? Players do that buy entering into an auction each round…

 then they fill up their Bidoxes with any of the following three different things:

 They use mechanical creatures called Bidoxes, to do the bidding for them.

…other players also secretly fill their bidoxes with Substract, Dirty Substract, and a deathmark if they choose…

Hewns can often be bought with deadly and valuable “deathmarks“, but these deathmarks can deliver a lethal dose of radiation to your Hewn at the beginning of each new round!

Players can take their Hewns and enter and leave the map from multiple common entrances!

Players can take their Hewns and enter and leave the map from multiple common entrances! You don’t just start in a little corner of the board – you can come onto the mapboard from all over!

When your Hewn gets “stuck” on the map he can exit the map to return to another entrance in the next round! (Some Hewns can even fly; climb or dig their way to another space on the game board!!!)

Hewns actually carry the technology that you buy for them…on their miniature bodies

So How do I win a game?

 To win the Game, Player must use their Hewns to mine the planet for them, by advancing their Hewns into space where mines exist

 Most Hewns can store mined Substract inside them or on their bodies, this means that other players are often not aware of how much Substract is being carried by your hewn. This gives players good bluffing opportunities.

 Substract is a liquid that is mined and then stored and capsule form

Have you ever considered that your Hewns may get into trouble on the board? What happens if you could give some protection to your favorite Hewn?

What are the dice in the game?

And what are they for?…

Mining Dice

used when a Hewn mines a mine, better mining Hewns roll more of these…

Armour Dice

the more armour a Hewn has, the more dice of these he rolls in defense of an attack

Speed Dice

the more speed a Hewn has, the more of these dice he rolls in defense of an attack

Area Effect Weapon Dice

when you want to use a weapon that fires a spreading type of shot…

Close Combat Dice

Laser Effect Weapon Dice

when you want to use a weapon that fires a more focused type of shot


rolled when nanabites try to repair someone!

Hurt Dice

rolled when an attack gets through your defenses

Danger Dice

the more aggresively a Hewn mines a mine, the more of these are rolled…

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